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Velkommen hos Galleri Ao Khai

"Creating happiness through color makes me bloom. It's that simple"

Gerlinde Thieme-Madsen

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Nyeste malerier

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2016 - 2017

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Love of Colors


Ever since I was a little girl, and even before I was born, flowers and creation has been a huge part of my familys history.
      - One of my earlies memories comes with the beautiful scent of lillies. My father was standing with his arms filled with fresh flowes. Laughing to my mother he proudly said; "These are for my new collection" My mother who was working on a new hat for a customer, laughed at him and answered. "They look so beautiful, are you sure that they are not for me?" 

They both laughed and looked at me. "They are for all of us, enjoy!" my father said, and we did. 

My mother was a modist and my father a botanist, always collecting flowers for his work.

I grew up to be a Chemical Engineer. The desire to study, do research and develop has always been with me. My fascination of nature,  its colors and flowers and the way they make us feel, runs  deep in my veins - just as it did both my parents.
So perhaps it's true when they say that the genes remembers? 

Gerlinde Thieme-Madsen


Ao Khai

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